TaskCard is a simple and visual way to organize your thoughts and tasks into to-do lists. Like sticky notes on the desk, task cards can be posted and organized in different sizes and colors around your desktop to help you remember important things or keep lists for projects.

TaskCard is different from the other to-do and task management applications for OS X because of its unique interface that lets you organize visually and spatially around your desktop. Spatially means you can be creative with where you position your cards so you remember where the information is where you left it last. Visually means TaskCard is a fun solution for task management instead of using black and white lists.

TaskCard is for people like you and me who are always keeping little pieces of paper with check lists all over our desk and TextEdit files clogging up the Documents and Desktop folder on our Mac. TaskCard is also a great tool for management of projects which generate lists of things to-do and requires dates to keep the project on time.

What makes TaskCard so unique and how does it help to organize my projects and manage my tasks?

Cards are the basis for TaskCard and the containers for all your tasks, notes, attachments and other content that you use in TaskCard. Cards behave like windows and can be moved around the screen, minimized to save space or attached to the edges of the screen to become tabs.

Tasks make up the content of all your cards and how you add your thoughts, things to-do, notes and attachments in TaskCard. Tasks are more than just plain text, they allow you to set due dates (which repeat and notify when due), priority, notes, status and style. Unlike the other task managers for Mac or text editors, TaskCard lets you drag tasks around to create trees and help you organize your projects or lists of things to-do.

Sheets are like spaces for your cards which can be used to organize your projects or group your thoughts into related categories. All of your sheets show a mini-preview of the cards and hover over the screen for quick access, but they can also be accessed via command-key in the menu bar. Think of sheets like the Dock for your cards.

Are you an iCal user who relies on calendars for your tasks?

TaskCard takes advantage of iCal by allowing you to sync tasks and calendar events to and from iCal. Adding events to calendars in iCal adds the item as a task in TaskCard to special calendar cards which represent iCal calendars.

Use iCal to leverage great features like: alarms, invitees and subscriptions to 3rd party calendar web apps like Google calendar!

Because TaskCard supports iCal your tasks can be synched to your iOS devices like iPhone, iPads and iPod touches using the Calendar app that comes with them. You can even add events to your calendar on your iPhone while you're away from your Mac and when you connect to your Mac all your events will be synched into TaskCard!

Tired of forgetting things or not knowing what to do next? TaskCard has your back!

TaskCard keeps you notified of all your tasks using 2 systems: the TaskCard Helper and Reminders - even if the application isn't open! This works because of a hidden "background" application (known as the "TaskCard Helper") which runs silently even when TaskCard is not open.

The TaskCard Helper can bring up a HUD window filled with tasks that are overdue or will be due soon by using a hot key or via the menu bar, all without taking any space in the Dock or relying on TaskCard even being open!

Reminders popup over all other windows on your system when tasks are due or will be due soon. Simply set a due date and when to remind (like 10 minutes before or 1 hour before) and the TaskCard Helper will remind you as you work in other apps.

Need even more power? By using the iCal synching you can also set alarms in iCal (for tasks in calendar cards) to get extra reminder features like: emails and running scripts (see the iCal help for more information).

TaskCard is more than just a project and task manager. Store documents, links and other things for your projects.

TaskCard lets you attach documents, applications, URL's (web site addresses), images and emails from Mail.app into cards. Once attached these items behave like regular tasks you can move around, drag to other applications or copy.

File attachments let you associate tasks with files on your Mac which can then be revealed in the Finder or opened. You can even attach applications that you can launch directly from TaskCard. QuickLook is also supported so you can get instant previews of your documents as you work in TaskCard.

When you insert tasks that begin with URL prefixes like http:// (by typing or pasting) TaskCard will create a new URL attachment which can be opened quickly in Safari or the browser of your choice. This handy feature is great for associating links and web pages with your projects or things to do.

Image attachments let you paste images from around the web or from your Mac into cards, like clippings that you can use for later reference.

You can sync TaskCard across all your Macs - anywhere they are using Dropbox, a free cross-platform cloud sync utility.

How does it works? When changes are made to your sheets in TaskCard they will be uploaded by Dropbox. If you have other Macs with Dropbox installed that are connected to the internet the changes will be automatically downloaded and available inside TaskCard - even if the app is currently open!

How do I setup Dropbox support? After downloading and installing Dropbox, TaskCard makes it easy to configure by clicking a single button in the preferences window. Once TaskCard is configured all your changes will be made available to all your Macs using Dropbox!

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